May 21

Refugees Commission of LPTIC is Providing Relief Aid for Internal Displaced People

In the perspective of humanitarian and social role towards the internal displaced people (IDP) due to security instability in the country, LPTIC through the affiliate Commission providing humanitarian relief aid for IDP in all regions of Libya has distributed relief efforts, the assistant targeted IDPs from Benghazi, Wershfana, Kikla, Zawara, and Twaragha. The aid campaign has begun in the January 2015, and still going on throughout the country. By cooperating with Libyan Red Crest  the commission has sent aid to people stuck in the city of Benghazi,  cities of Oubari and Ghat have received assistant by air bridge which hired by the LPTIC .

The Refugee committee Manager Mr. Mustafa Kazaz said that “they have 3 shipments per month delivered to most IDPs in the refuge cities and territories and will be increased in the next months.

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