Company's Main Prjoects

Project Development of the Network using Fourth-Generation Technology LTE

Due to the inability of WiMAX technology to meet the increasing demands for broadband services and the demise of this technology and the pursuit of the latest technologies in the field, Libya Telecom and Technology LTT began in contracting procedures with a consulting firm to help the company to oversee the contracts with leading international...

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ADSL Network Expansion Project

This project aims to add 123,000 new subscribers for this service by adding 79 new divider and increasing capacities in the number of 51 divider have already the service, by completing this project, which is currently the its percentage of achievement for the first Q of 2015  is 20%, by completing this project  the number...

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Complete the Second Phase of WiMAX Project

This project includes 558 new site to raise the total number of subscribers to 600,000 subscribers distributed on 118 cities and villages, after the first phase had covered only 18 cities and with subscribers number exceeded 200,000. The project is still in progress and the percentage of achievement in which about 68% by the end...

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Next Generation Network Project – (NGN)

The program is aiming to provide a modern telecom  infrastructure that supports high data speed across the country. Furthermore, the project supports the development of digital transmission media at high quality through fiber optics using IP protocols. NGN program  was designed to be connected with 7 international terminals/gateways (2 with Europe, 3 with Arabic countries...

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