May 25

LPTIC Participation in Telecommunication and Information Technology Exhibition 2015 in ِAlgeria

LPTIC arranges and make available all the resources for the success of the participation of its affiliates, Hatef Libya, Almadar Aljadeed, and Libyana and Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) in Algeria Exhibition which is opening on 27 of May, and will continue until the first of next June, the participating companies in this exhibition will offer services it provided to its customers whether terrestrial telephone or mobile phone service and certainly  global roaming service which is provided by both companies Almadar Aljadeed and Libyana. Latest projects will be presented and displaced to show the world that communications service in Libya is still normal.

The participating is a part of aware the international community that LPTIC is still working on providing the communications services even in the tough period that Libya passes through.

The delegation formed from media offices managers for the mentioned companies along with a delegation from Ministry of communications.

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