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LPTIC holds Annual General Assembly meetings for all of its Libyan operating subsidiaries for the first time since 2014

Tripoli, Libya, Saturday, February 3, 2018

A series of Annual General Assembly meetings for LPTIC’s subsidiaries were recently held in Tripoli between the 28th of January and 1st of February under the chairmanship of Dr Faisal Gergab, including attendances by the respective boards of directors and monitoring committees of each of the major telecommunications companies. These companies included Almadar, Libyana, Al-jeel Aljadid, LTT, Hatif Libya, LITC, Libya Post, and Al Bonia Investment & Services Company.

These meetings are the first to be held since 2014 and give effect to the unification of the telecommunications sector under one umbrella organization pursuant to which work plans, projects and budgets were approved for the year 2018.

During these meetings, LPTIC reviewed and discussed key strategic initiatives and projects aimed at developing the Libyan ICT sector and improving the quality of ICT services across the country. Some of these projects under discussion were put on hold in 2015 as a result of the political division in the country, which projects included the launch of 4G services, the development of fibre optic networks, the modernisation of the postal services, the Smart City project, and various discrete initiatives to expand partnering ventures with the private sector to provide high-quality Internet Services.

The ICT sector restructuring project was one the of the key agenda items discussed during the AGA meetings and the LPTC board of directors agreed to relaunch the project starting Q2 2018. The ICT restructuring project is premised on the rationalization of the ICT companies by establishing a NetCo (National Telecoms Company), which will be responsible for operating and maintaining passive infrastructure whilst retail services will be provided by the two mobile network operators (Libyana & Al Madar) and they will also be expanding the scope of services provided by the private sector

LPTIC Chairman Dr Faisal Gergab stated that the AGA meetings were particularly important milestone events for the Libyan ICT sector. Whilst the AGAs are the first to have been held in four years, they highlight the strides made by LPTIC and its subsidiaries to achieve a refreshed unity of purpose – despite the instabilities the country has witnessed over the past few years. Dr Gergab added that each of these meetings were very successful in their own rights, with several strategic initiatives and projects being approved. Collectively the progress made at the AGAs will contribute significantly to the improvement of the ICT sector in Libya and, most importantly, will improve the quality of services being offered to customers and users of ICT services across the country.

Furthermore, Dr Gergab praised the exceptional efforts made by employees across the Libyan telecommunications sector as their commitment to the sector has ensured continuity of service provision despite the challenging conditions.

Issued in Tripoli
03 February 2018.

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