LPTIC  was established in accordance with the decision of the Prime Minister's number (63) for the year 2005 to a holding company to owner of major communications companies, Libyana  , Madar, Libya Telecom and Technology  (LTT),Aljeel aljadeed for Technology, International Communications Company, and Hatef Libya where these companies play significant role in the development of mobile phones and telephone communications internet connection has raised the efficiency of communications in Libya and to enable the largest possible number of citizens to get online service, whether by phone companies phones such as Libyana and Almadar or through the main internet services provider  such as Libya Telecom & Technology LTT or Hatef Libya company that provides phone wired  and wireless, as well as internet services.

LPTIC  has been established for the purpose of investment in telecommunications infrastructure in the country and abroad, the company owns a group of investments inside and outside the country, some dating back to the General Company for post and telecommunications, which was dissolved in 2010.          


To be a modern and diversified telecom, information technology and post services provider that supports the development of the new Libyan knowledge based economy and meet customer satisfaction.


LPTIC Mission is to:

  • Fulfill community's expectations about the social and educational impact of the new technologies, and improve services and quality of life.(Social)
  • Provide an environment that leads to sound business, and deploy the underline cutting edge telecom infrastructure to meet the challenges of the ICT age and support SMC's.( Industry)
  • Leverage the telecommunication development to support economic improvement rise firms' competitiveness, modernize institutions, and boost the country's productivity.(Economy)
  • Modernize the governmental ICT infrastructures to improve efficiency and increase productivity. (Infrastructure)
  • Ensure that Libya has reliable telecommunications infrastructure that support different type of services and applications. (Government

Corporate Values

During the development of the Strategic Plan, a certain key values has been identified to guide policies and actions with regard to providing telecommunications services and products. These values are as following:

  • Integrity and Honesty.
  • Innovation.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Service Quality.
  • Reliability.
  • Social responsibilities.
  • Excellence.
  • Credibility.