Al-Bunya Investment & Services Company

The company has been established upon a decision from the Secretary of the Board of Directors of LPTIC. The Company activities are investment, building, construction, own, maintain and operate the infrastructure facilities of the main and branch networks for the provision of telecommunications services.

Post Libya Company

Libya Post Company is a Libyan joint stock company having its legal personality and independent financial liability. It is affiliated to the LPITC.
The Company aims to establish, operate, manage and organize all kinds of different post services including mail financial services at home and foreign level, services and products marketing for public and private bodies and any complementary activity meeting the purposes of the Company.

Hatif Libya Company

The company has been established upon a decision from the Secretary of the Board of Directors of LPTIC, No. (4) for year 2008, for purposes of operation and maintenance of the State systems and the development of a national phone network. It includes the local systems represented in the transit switchboards, secondary switchboards, connection parameters within cities, and providing all services to subscribers, and any other complementary activity in order to achieve its objectives, and the company endeavors to contribute in building the society economy through the works it provides and through maintaining the values, principles and exemplars of the society.

The Libyan International Telecom Company

The Libyan International Telecom Company is one of LPTIC subsidiaries , established in 2008 to take over the management of all ports, international contacts in Libya and to meet the needs of the international communications of the other subsidiaries, whether telephony or data services.

Aljeel Aljadeed for Technology

The establishment of Aljeel Aljadeed Company was to contribute in improvement and development of the telecommunications local market ,transfer & resettlement of modern technologies in the field of communications and to enable the company to compete locally and internationally, by providing all services integrated communications services, fixed line and mobile and Internet services, television broadcasting and next generation network services.
Aljeel Aljadeed Company is the first integrated operator in Libya, which is pursuing a strategy based on diversity and integration in the provision of services aimed to satisfy customer.

Almadar Aljadeed Company

Almadar Aljadeed Company is one of LPTIC subsidiaries, founded in 1996, as the company began offering its services to the public in 1997, Almadar Aljadeed classified as the first mobile operator in Libya.

Libya Telecom & Technology Company

Libya Telecom and Technology Company is one of the Libyan companies leading the Internet, telecommunications and information technology, since its creation in 1997 when the company began to do scientific studies minute to put the first building block for a number of projects in the areas of communications, information technology. on 09/01/1999 launched the company’s Internet Project, to become first Internet service provider in Libya, in addition to its monopoly in the provision of many services that a company puts Libya Telecom is always at the forefront.

Libyana Mobile Phone Company

Libyana started its GSM mobile services in September 2004, and quickly achieve success in the market by providing extensive network coverage in all key areas throughout Great Jamahiriya. Continues offering of value added services and its introduction of 3G services, a first in North Africa in September 2006, has pushed Libyana to market leadership in Libya.